Confirmations Delay?

Between April 9th and April 11th I had 9 installs and there are still zero confirmations. A few of the installs are friends that definitely use the browser. I don’t expect every install to be a confirmation but I’m still very confused. Is this a glitch or is there some type of delay?

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I have the same issue @eljuno please dear help us for this issue

Oh okay that makes me feel better… I’m 100% sure at least 2 of my 9 installs should count as a confirmation. Hopefully they can clear this up and fix the issue soon

Yeah i think they are investigating for this issue

Becuase bro my payout is locked in this cycle for 2fa issue and i dnot change my any setting and 2fa but they are saying i dont know why

Same here 10 downloads ,the stats shows 4 installed

Has it been 30 days or more since you got those 4 installs?

Same for me, in April I had 23 downloads and only 11 install, it’s something strange to me! I have the feeling that there’s some kind of delay in the system because I find it very strange. Hope admins can clear up our doubts!

I think the download to install ratio is normal. Same thing happens to me, if one person clicks download multiple times then it counts as multiple downloads. Other people click download and never bother installing it.

I’m concerned about a delay in installs -> confirmations. If you had 11 installs and it’s been 30 days since you got those installs, at least some of them should count as confirmations (unless no one that installed it used it which is highly unlikely).

So far, of those 11 installs, I got only 1 confirmed. So I guess I have to wait til the end of the month to see what happens. From March, of 25 installed I got only 3 confirmed


Same here, if someone knows why, ping me

For anyone here who believes their confirmations are not updating correctly, can you please send me a DM with the information found on your brave://rewards-internals page so we can take a closer look?

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Hello @Mattches I sent you a DM with my internals. Can you please check if my confirmations are correct? Thanks

I also sent a DM with my information found on brave://rewards-internals, thanks

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Just curious - what information can the reward-internals provide about the contributor referrals? In which way are these account linked?

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Is this issue still being investigated? Didn’t get a response yet but I understand if it’s taking time. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Responses are taking a lot of time in general lately. @steeven seems to be out of the running and also email support taking ages. Could be due to the fact that a lot of different topics and issues are being discussed lately as well

guys a question I have friends in the usa that I share the link and I ask the favor to promote it to me, my question is that I already have some confirmations and the balance is not expected by usa references is how half someone knows why? ¿

For anyone in this thread – yes the issue is still being looked at it and we apologize for the delay in response. We should have more information for everyone soon. We appreciate your patience.


has there been any progress re this? Or still digging into it?

The delay in confirmations seems like seems likes it’s a permanent thing. So rather than it being a delay it seems that confirmations are either not coming when expected. Usually you can ‘expect’ some sort of ratio between installs and confirmations, but for some reason this ratio has been impacted by a couple of periods throughout the last few months.

I did raise this weeks ago so question is if this is goes hand in hand with the current ‘confirmations delay’ issue? The previous case was closed without any answer so would be keen to understand as it’s weird to see unexplained and unexpected changes in trends

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