Confirmation vs install ratio decline

Since the end of Feb and especially start of March I’ve seen a downwards trend in the confirmation vs install ratio. I have not done anything different comparing versus previously so wondering if anyone else is also experiencing this?

So my ratio was approx 50% meaning 50% of the installs would lead to confirmations. Now the ratio has gradually dropped to sub 30%. And even a few days after each other not getting any confirmations at all, which I haven’t had before.

Is this the market trend? Maybe Corona related? Or is there something technical not accurate on the back-end with regards to confirmation tracking? @Asad @chriscat @steeven



Yes, this is a problem. I have almost the same problem. Only I have reduced the number of installations (compared to downloads). In any case, these are obvious problems with the office and the schedule.

Brave still refers to the fact that these are problems of scaling and nothing more. But these problems happen all the time. One decided - another appears. And so endlessly. I’m tired of this. It smells like brave trying to cut advertising costs by any means.

But it is worth saying that the problems are being gradually solved. Not everything, but part for sure. Support is usually responsible. Only all this can last for months.

I would like to hear an opinion of support on this matter.


It can be seen that after the red line, a period began where the number of browser downloads increased, and the number of installations decreased.


in my case this month no download has been confirmed. Perhaps it is due to the last update, the truth is not … but since last month the platform is strange.

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