Configure settings on multiple computers

In a classroom for front-end dev students, where Brave is chosen as default browser on all computers, how can I quickly configure specific settings on these multiple devices?

Specific settings include:

  • turning off Cards on the Dashboard,
  • disabling default Brave News sources and adding a few custom RSS feeds
  • showing a custom Background Image
    • disable “Show Sponsored Images”
  • disable “Brave Rewards” and “Brave Wallet”
  • add a couple bookmarks, passwords, and extensions

We’re looking for a solution that changes/adds these specific custom settings, and that leaves other settings made before “as they were”.

I have not done this personally, but you may be able to achieve a lot of it using Group Policy if that is one of the management tools at your disposal.

Some possible starting points:

Not sure about doing the same on macOS or Linux, but if I were faced with this task I would probably take a look at how other settings are centrally managed in the environment (JAMF, Puppet, Ansible, etc.) and maybe try using that toolset to deploy a preconfigured profile directory to the target systems. Not sure if there’s some reason that wouldn’t work but worth a shot.

Edit: I guess the latter (deploying an entire profile) wouldn’t cover your requirement for not messing with existing settings.

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Now looking to write some kind of script for each desktop platform, most importantly macOS computers, that just changes all of these specific settings

Fair enough. Keep in mind that whatever you end up doing may have already been done by someone for Chrome, and likely much of it would transfer directly. So if you get hung up on figuring out how to best manage settings you could search around for what people have done on Chrome and maybe borrow some of that, could save you some time. Obviously this doesn’t apply to Brave-specific settings but I’d bet that some of the generic scripting work has been done before.

Good luck!

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