Computers and mobile brave account unsynchronized

Dear Support,

I’m asking some help with your browser which i’m currently using since 1 year. I use Brave on all my devices, but there is a problem of synchronisation (Brave account/Uphold). I will give you, all the details for each device below this paragraph.

  1. (Brave since 1 year) Smartphone Android 10, last month i’ve unlocked the verified wallet, but dont have receive the bats on my uphold account. When my wallet is activated, i see 98.832 Bat, when i disable the wallet i’ve 27.250 Bat but can’t send them on my uphold account. Brave 1.21.76, Chromium 89.0.4389.86

  2. Laptop Windows 10, 71.582 Bat when wallet is activated, 0 Bat when i disable it.
    Brave 1.21.76 Chromium 89.0.4389.86 (64 bits version).

  3. Personal Computer Windows 10, when the wallet is enabled, i’ve 82.082 Bat, *10.5 Bat are present when i disable the wallet. Brave 1.21.76 Chromium 89.0.4389.86 (version 64 bits).

  4. My Uphold Account has 71.58184 Bat (mobile App and Web app).

In total, i’ve a loss of 37.75 Bat that are sleeping on my devices, i hope i can receive them in the next days with your help :). If you need more details, I am available to give you more details.

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Is there any solution about this issue ? Thank you for your next answers.

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check this.


Thanks a lot for this link, i try all but didn’t work, i was waiting more time (hello week-end), in order to collect and send all data i’ve.

I’ll answer here, after a response.

Have a good week-end,

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