Computer that had Brave uninstalled and then reinstalled counts as additional lifetime slot

I just got my computer back from being repaired and when I reinstalled Brave it now treats it as an additional instance towards my lifetime account maximums (4 accounts). It’s the same computer but it had its motherboard replaced.

Yes that is unfortunately a thing… Uphold only allows 4 devices. It truly sucks because yes it is the same computer too. Hopefully when Gemini becomes an option, this will not be a problem anymore.

So when is the Gemini wallets going to be come a reality? i guess i’m glad that the my primary computer i run brave has 2 years left on its least… this is in fact the reason why i have bot updated my phone…

Honestly, one should be able to remove ‘older/broken’ devices from the uphold account.

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They are probably testing it out in an underground facility somewhere. But hopefully soon! They have already said within the next few updates hopefully. And yes truly unfortunate you cannot remove these devices

It’s likely a Brave limitation. You will see the same limitation apply for Gemini too, as described by a Brave staff.

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