Compliments to the Chef


When I first joined the Brave forum, one of the most active threads was a complaint about how it was difficult to use Brave. I thought it may be nice to acknowledge the other side of that conversation, a quick thanks again for the work and the vision of a very interesting and needed product.

After substantial use for over a month now I have really come to appreciate what you all are doing. There may be a bug here or there but overall, the speed, privacy, cleanliness and feel of using Brave is very refreshing after using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, etc… I am actually enjoying my romp around the internet and getting things done faster and not having to shoot down pop-ups and worry about what sites are gathering about me and more.

So thanks again.

… I guess not really a conversation starter but didn’t see where to send this via the brave website, so I guess here is appropriate!


Thank you, i am going to explore more to see what you see. Thank you for sharing


Thanks for the kind words @Hammok :grinning: We are doing our best and we do appreciate all the feedback (positive and negative!) as it helps make Brave better for everyone. I will share your kind words with the team!



Brave is a great product ! I’m really grateful I found it and would have no objections if it were to become a subscriber funded service. Whatever it takes to keep it going.

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