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UIsing Windows 10, 64 bit, I’ve been resisting moving to Brave as my default browser. Why? Because my eyesight isn’t very good. Specifically, the Toolbar and UI elements were just too small for my old eyes.SO…what do I find in the latest update? A new “Toolbar and UI elements scale” shown in the Advanced section of Settings. And that is what may have just done the trick for me: I’m in the process of making Brave the default browser on all my machines. Just for adding that one little feature.

And while I’m wasting your time, :–) I want to mention two other features in the Advanced settings section: “Automatically send usage statistics” and “Send anonymous crash reports” to Brave. In every other browser I make it a habit never to share data with Google or Microsoft. On general policy But in the case of Brave I’ve checked both boxes to help the company and help the browser advance. It’s the least I can do, especially if I want Brave to be a smashing success. And I do.


@Tim as the developer who added that feature, I’m super happy to hear that you found the new setting and that it helps :slight_smile: (It’s a feature that we’ve had a lot of folks ask for)

Are there any other features you’d like to see (or any other areas which are pain points?). Please let us know :slight_smile:


Interesting you should respond with the news that many others were asking
for the same thing, Clifton. The fact is, I didn’t want to say anything
(probably like thousands or millions of others) because (1) I didn’t figure
it was important and didn’t want to bother you with it, and (2) I figured
it wouldn’t be noticed anyway, and was too trivial to address.

I can’t think of other modifications to ask about because I’m just
beginning to use the browser seriously as my default (the tiny type on the
tools bar and UI box having kept me from using it in the past). But if you
want, and if it’s not too much trouble (whine, whine, whine, bitch, bitch
bitch from your customers must get old :-)), I’ll keep it in mind, and be
on the lookout for you. Thanx for the mod!!! —Tim


Yeah props to @clifton for adding that feature, awesome when using Brave on my computer that I see film with on my tv :+1: Great :+1:


Clifton, since you asked, I now find myself eyeballing Brave with a gimlet eye as I use it, looking for weak spots, things that don’t work (or don’t work right), etc. But that has brought up two questions in my mind, as follow:

  1. How do I know whether what I bring to your attention has any value or not? That is, what if thousands or zillions of other people have also brought the same thing to your attention? It seems to me that doing that will just annoy and/or waste your time. Can you address this conundrum? :o)

  2. If I do decide to bring something to your attention (meaning you specifically and/or Brave in general…and thus annoy and/or waste your time :o)), where is the best place to send/post it? And what should I do before I send something that may be unnecessary (so as to minimize the annoyance/wasting of time… :o) )


Hi @Tim,

It never hurts to report issues here- folks here are great about finding out if it’s a known issue or if it’s something new. When we’re working on the code, we track problems and features using GitHub:

You can actually search this when you have an idea for a feature or if you find a bug and you may find an existing issue. Anything we see here on community, we try to find the issue and then log a “+1 from community” comment on the issue. Issues which have a lot of comments are usually the ones people either:

  • want the feature (ex: being able to doc developer tools)
  • have the bug (ex: Ubuntu users having problems with ATI/AMD video cards)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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