Completion of online tests

I tried using Brave Broswer to take university exams online.
but the broswer hangs on the “start the test” button, but clicking on it does not start the test.
how can I solve the problem and then carry out the test using Brave?

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You may need to adjust your shield settings for that site via Brave icon at URL bar. Either allow all cookies or fingerprinting.

I have tried, but nothing is change.
i tried turn down the shield only fro the site of exam ad test continue it still does not work.
Al remain the same

If i click “Avanti” ( the italian for go to text or Take the test"" remain in the same page e dosent load the questions.

Can you re-test in Brave Nightly? If you open the console (F12), does it show any errors when you click on the button?

appear this:

and this

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