Complete lack of real support

This sums it up. And my thoughts on Brave are similar.

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Well, I can tell you Rumble plays and has been playing. There was an issue the other day where autoplay was broken, but that got fixed. It was an issue of Rumble trying to force ads and the adblock not allowing, so it kind of “stuck.”

As to Gab, still not quite sure what to say on that. Haven’t messed with it and not even sure if it’s Brave doing it. So far nobody has created a topic on #support-and-troubleshooting:web-compatibility or #support-and-troubleshooting:ad-blocking to advise of any issue with Gab. Not even yourself included. Kind of hard to have anyone look into things or resolve issues not reported, huh?

That said, I do see now where someone created a topic under iOS support. But they also failed to provide any of the information needed and rather than explain they were having issues, they just wrote a claim that " We have been informed by the engineers at that Brave is hiding their “preview cards” on the website."

And not sure what to say on the review you’re sharing. It does show on the top right that it was edited. With the developer response speaking as if the original review was positive, it seems like you (or whoever made the review) did a positive review and then edited it after just to try to make it look silly.

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