Complaint posts spamming this forum

As someone who is new to Brave and interested in learning more and contributing to the community, I’m finding it difficult to use this forum due to repeated posts/topics from a few disgruntled users. This is the “latest” view as of today:

@moderators please could you organise these complaints into a single thread that I can mute.

Those who are complaining - if what you say is true, then it is indeed a damning indictment on Brave, and I will steer clear of the browser. However, you’re undermining the credibility of your point by spamming this forum. You may dislike/distrust the developers, but please could you spare a thought for the innocent members of the community who want to learn about the product and potentially get support for their own issues.


Or perhaps if they actually fixed their buggy rewards system, people wouldn’t need to complain…

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