Compiling for Android error

Compiling from Master without making changes has a Java error.

I used this command:

npm run build -- --target_os=android --target_arch=arm --gn=enable_proguard_obfuscation:false --target_android_output_format=apk

Which results in:

[5653/5663] ACTION //chrome/android:monochrome_public_bundle__lint(//build/toolchain/android:android_clang_arm)

../../brave/android/java/org/chromium/chrome/browser/crypto_wallet/activities/ Error: Overriding method should call super.onActivityResult [MissingSuperCall]

    public void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) {


I could fix it and make the call to super, but since this error is happening on Master, maybe I missed some other step? I ran both dependency install scripts. Ran sync script.

Anyone run into this before? Any help appreciated.