Competitors or Potential Partners for Brave

I’d be interested to learn what the Brave team plans to do regarding the upcoming competitor Gener8 browser.

They want to imitate Brave, but I see two major issues:

  1. according to the founder, “[the number of ads] will depend on how much you have completed your profile. The more complete your profile, the faster you will be rewarded.” Actually, this is the most basic way to profile and track you. It looks like Facebook (!!), which wants you to write a “profile” about yourself.
  2. more importantly, it’s not open-source. Nobody can check what they really do with your data, and if it’s true that the browser blocks tracking, fingerprinting etc.

The other disadvantage with gener8 is that they just let you spend the token on their marketplace which is not what everyone wants, plus the products available in the marketplace are just for UK for the time being.


Great answer, @gmacar. Thank you!
It looks like Brave will easily be able to handle this particular competitor.

Thanks for your answer, @botroy. From the video clip of the British version of Shark Tank (Dragon’s Den) I got the impression Gener8 would be sending fiat currency back to its users. I personally think BAT is far better than a scheme that keeps money of any type in an enclosed ecosystem. I hope more people agree with me than not!

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