Compatiability issue with PNC Bank


At, I was attempting to update my auto payment info with this bank. After filling in all necessary fields, i clicked the SAVE button, and nothing would happen. Their tech support had not heard of Brave. They had me try Edge, which worked, tho I prefer Brave.

So far, that’s the only compatability issue I’ve had with Brave.

Basically, I’m curious where the problem is, my side, or their side.

Thx, Allan Halbert


Hi @ahalbert, this is likely due to your Shields configuration. Can you try to complete a forum on the website with your shields down? This way we can confirm or rule out Brave Shields as an issue.


My Shield configuration is:

-allow all cookies

-block phishing

-block ads

-block third-party fingerprinting

-https everywhere

Do you want me to turn them all off and try to access and post to a Brave forum?


@ahalbert, sorry I may have misspoke. So I’d like you to visit the PNC bank website and attempt to do what you tried before in your example above (autopay info) or something with a similar process but with Shields down.



After just having to completely reload my hard drive due to a network attack, not to mention the hassle of changing the bank info, I’m reluctant to be that at risk, but I appreciate the suggestion. Since cookies were enabled, I would guess it had to do with phishing, fingerprinting, or https rather than ad blocking. Brave is working well otherwise. If I change my mind, I’ll be back in touch.


I completely understand given your situation. That being said, the settings in your shields panel (especially FPP) may have unintended consequences for some sites. If it makes you feel more comfortable, you can open up the panel and toggle one setting off at a time, test to see if it alleviates the error. if not, toggle it back on, then try another one.
Would you also mind telling me what OS you’re using? Also, this may seem silly but can you confirm that you have the most up to date release of Brave (V0.23.39)? If you give me this information I can try reproducing the error on my end and try to find the cause or a fix/workaround. Let me know :slight_smile:


I am currently on 23.39–just prompted to update yesterday. So I wasn’t on 23.39 the day of the problem, which was about four days ago, and I’m not sure what version it was at that point. I will follow your recommendation to test each setting next time there’s a problem. I am on Windows 10, ver 1803, build 17134.165.

I appreciate your assistance.

BTW, the reason I am using Brave is it was recommended by Dr. Robert Epstein, who investigates Google at Harvard.


More than happy to help!

Please let me know if you manage to solve the issue and what the fix/workaround was. And of course, if you need any further assistance don’t hesitate to reach out.

Additionally, in reference to

Did you read his recommendation in an article or video? If so, would you be willing to find a link to it? I would appreciate it :slight_smile:


I attended a free speech event in New Orleans where he was a panelist. He is a psychologist, but also does research on Google, et al, because of free speech concerns. He spoke in depth about Google’s activities. Afterward, I contacted him to get involved with the research. I was looking for alternatives to Opera and Gmail at the time, and he sent me a list (lost when my hard drive was attacked). Brave sounded good from a simple description. I also changed to Protonmail, which is working out great. Epstein has written a number of articles on Google’s behavior, censorship, potential election manipulation, and so forth. I think the recommendations he sent me were from one of the articles.

Incidentally, the free speech event was held at a restaurant that I chanced to visit again last week. The bartender told me that the owner of the restaurant received death threats after the event. There are a lot of folks like myself looking for a more secure internet experience free of political manipulation. Standing room only at that event.


Sounds like fun! I was hoping maybe it’d be recorded in some format so that I could also read/watch it.
Oh well, enjoy your privacy :slight_smile:


It was also live-streamed on Facebook, but questionable whether it would be allowed again.


visit the pnc update center it happens !
good day!