Comparing v0.25.2 (Muon) with v0.55.22 (Chromium) under Windows 7

I’m running these two versions on two different machines, both with Win-7 (64-bit) s/p 1.

v0.55.22 appears to resolve a few chronic issues that continue under v0.25.2

First, editing Autoruns appears to allow disabling Brave updates under v0.55.22 so they’re not downloaded when they’re not wanted (e.g., when bandwidth is limited). Good! I hope this arrangement continues.

Second, issues with uncontrolled scrolling and Brave not re-opening with the same window size and screen location as when it was last closed appear to be resolved. Again, good!

Third, exporting bookmarks from v0.25.2 to an .html file and then importing that file into v0.55.22 works … the first time. However, subsequent export / import processes don’t update existing bookmarks; new / redundant bookmarks are created. This is somewhat similar to the chronic problems with Sync, which worked on a first attempt, but not for updating.

Fourth, in v0.55.22 I haven’t needed to download / install a pdf extension to view pdf’s. Perhaps that’s not universal; it’s been my (limited) experience thus far.

Fifth, generic Chrome extensions I’ve downloaded / installed appear to work as expected.

Last, it appears cryptocurrency is still the only way to participate in Brave Rewards (formerly Brave Payments). Because of reporting requirements related to cryptocurrency transactions, I remain on the sidelines.

For a product that hasn’t yet reached v1.0, so far, so good.

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