Community Topic Request: Non-Profit content creator introduction topic category

As the title suggests I think that a place for non-profit content creators to introduce themselves on this forum would be great. Below is a link to the sub-reddit where I mentioned this idea.

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Hi Steve,
. . . :thinking:
How does a community become MORE OF a community?
What would creators, profit or no, accomplish by introducing themselves here?
What’s the

I like your profile pic.

@Dryad, Currently all the topics are for help with Brave software, but if people wanted to discuss beyond the scope of help from staff moderators they don’t have that for people.

Although Reddit is a nice place to discuss and introduce yourself does it mean that Reddit is for everyone?

As far as the distinction? Do you mean the distinction between non-profit versus for-profit?

If so the non-profit may be useful to people from all aspects of the community, but for a profit business having a topic category that included them, may produce results that could create a vector for people to be taken advantage of. Money passing hands and that’s not what this forum is for. On the other hand if you introduce your non-profit and all your doing is creating a vector to get a Bat tip that is a lot safer.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply.

Ok, so non-profit would be like a community activist or researcher for a cause, covering costs.

I WOULD like to see such a conversation to get my head into this in general.

Yes, I can envisage that, people giving and getting ideas and building a data bank of such and then building upon the data bank together. Broadening the Brave Community.

Would that need a completely new section in the forum, set up by moderators?
How would one frame and phrase a first topic to get such a thread going?

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"For Security/Safety"
Yes, with all the spoofing going on it would be a great discussion, just to build awareness. It’s surprising how such a simple fishing technique can be so successful, to build a discussion around that to generate ideas on how to combat it would be excellent.

"Discussion Framing"
I do think a moderator set up top would be best, the reason being so that a person can try to weed out the content the topic discourages.
The framing of the topic would be difficult, because I have the feeling if you start a forum for discussing non-for-profit idea gathering, as a general discussion people will want to splinter it into different categories to discuss other more specific subjects.

Maybe a tagging system could help with that? So all topic threads started would fall under general non-profit unless you give it your own tags?
Than you would have other questions like people wanting to make custom tags.

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