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Hello bat community, I would like to ask you why are you subtracting bat
of the accounts of creators?
I ask why my referrals
they are writing to me
since you are subtracting your bat
I await your quick response and thanks

We are currently investigating the issue. But please send me your publisher account e-mail address (by private message), your original balance you remember and how much it has decreased. Thanks.

Hi @chriscat I also face the same problem

Hello, I also went through the same thing was about 4000 bats and now they are 2900 bats my email is

hello I also have the same problem of 248 bat, now I only have 186 my editor account is I hope a brief answer and solcuion of the problem thanks @chriscat

Hey chriscat same problem here , i had 80 BAT in pending payouts and now they disappeared. What do you need to solve this problem ?

Hello everyone, the problem should be fixed. Many users have confirmed that their displayed balances have increased back to their previous levels. Please check your balances again. Thanks!

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