Common wallet between Brave iOS and Brave Desktop

I’d love to see a common wallet between Brave iOS and the desktop version of Brave. This would be a good idea and it might be a nice idea to add it to Brave Sync while it’s being fixed. It would reduce the number of wallets so that it’d be easier to pay out the results from Brave Rewards, allow people to sync the amount of attention they spend on sites so that auto-contribute can be more accurate, and it’ll allow for a more seamless experience using Brave.

Currently, I have Brave on an Android phone, an iPhone, and my desktop. I know that I’m seriously considering getting an iPad in the next six months and building a gaming desktop in the next year. So, it’d be nice to have a consistent Brave experience across all my machines, including the wallet.


It’s in the plan. Available on FAQ

Cool. How far along are they with that?