Comments threads fail to load Tor not working (mac)

Tor has never worked since it has been on Brave, in my experience. Not a big loss but a bit annoying waiting for non-existent loads.

Suddenly the discussion threads on UK newspaper The Guardian have stopped loading. Works on Chrome and Brave android. on/off settings have not changed this.

@GibsonRay There’s someone else who had a similar issue, but on different websites. When they tested, comment threads loaded in Private Window. I requested they check their extensions but haven’t heard back.

That said, would you also check to see if comment threads load for you in a Private Window? If it does, mind going back and double checking with extensions disabled? Not sure if it might be same extension between the two of you, but might be interesting if recent update might be causing a weird conflict in coding that is just blocking script necessary for comment threads.

They replied on the other topic as I made this. So extension they found causing it was DuckDuckGo. Not sure if you’re using it as well.