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After using Brave as my browser for about a week, I’m giving it up, it has been uninstalled. The browser fails to display some web pages, e.g. at Air Canada I cannot book a flight.

When comparing to Chrome & Firefox, the browser seems to perform as well, or faster, in some cases, but at start up it seems to be very slow and that is very noticeable.

I am tremendously annoyed by the “popup” notifications that continuously have to be dealt with pestering me to setup for tokens. One “no” or “not interested” should be enough, it’s not like I’ve forgotten about it.

On the user interface side importation of nested bookmarks from Firefox failed to populate folders with their contents, which means that a considerable number of bookmarks were lost. Firefox has an addictive option to open all bookmarks within a folder with one click.

There does not seem to be an option to delete cookies on closure (or to selectively delete all cookies but this list).


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