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The Brave website on the download page shows pre-release download option for win64. This page ( has the release channel table but no link to download. Instead this release page ( has the download link for each release - In this page it seems there are only two independent channels beta and pre-release. Beta to me looks faster while the pre-release takes up little higher RAM. But fortunately, I can install both and use them simultaneously. Just want to thank the team for a great job. Is anyone have both pre-release and beta installed? But I dont see a place where to download the nightly browser. I am exploring all this to see whether the dark theme is coming or not.


Thanks for using Brave @nellaiseemai :slight_smile:

To make it clear, if you download from Brave website, you’ll get the latest stable release which is the latest release is 0.19.122.

This page is more like information about Brave release channels and linked to the on progress milestones.

Yes that page contain all brave releases (stable/release, beta, developer). You can download it from there too. But I suggest you to download the latest stable (0.19.122) if you only want to use Brave. Beta channel have more bugs than the stable. But that’s up to your preferences. :slight_smile:

I have stable release and beta installed. Stable for daily browsing while beta used for testing. :slight_smile:

I can say it’s coming. The team is working on it. You can follow the progress here :slight_smile:



I have another question for which I cannot find answer easily.
Brave website on the download page has link to download Brave developer - which states "This developer version is our pre-release version of Brave for Windows 7+ x64. It is in continuous development with new releases landing approximately every two weeks."
Using this link when I download i got Brave 0.19.123 which says “Release” channel.

At the same time from this website ( the latest developer channel is - Developer Channel v0.21.3. So this means the one named as developer in the website is different from the one on the release channel website on GitHub.

This is where I am curious in the GitHub page there is no link to download the nightly browser. I am so curious to peek in to the future of the Brave browser. Do you where can I find the link for nightly.
Just for your info, I am using Chrome Canary now + Brave is my new browser on my laptop and desktop.
Thanks. I see that you are replying to several queries. Please ignore this if this is trivial.


Hi @nellaiseemai,
I hope I explained it well.

“Developer version” that meant on the website is not the “developer channel”.

In the beginning, Brave only have one installer/version and it’s called “dev”; because it’s not 1.0 yet and still in early development. The version looks like 0.11.0dev and meant for users/tester that want to try Brave without building it from source.

It’s a long time ago before they moved to release channels. And that’s where “This developer version is our pre-release version of Brave” came from (I think the text on website not changed since they released the “dev” installer).

And after they moved to release channels, the “dev” version is now a release version. If you look on the link that you shared, the release version still tagged as “dev” while developer version is tagged “developer”.

Yep. There’s no installer for nightly version. I’m not sure if they’ll make the installer for nightly. If you want to take a look on the “future”, I think developer or beta channels will work.

cc @kamil or @suguru for correction.


Hi @nellaiseemai,

As @eljuno mentioned above, we’ve just recently started incorporating channels into our release process so it’s going to take a bit of time before those channels are available on the main website. However, you can still download both the BETA (0.20.x) and the Developer (0.21.x) channels here. You can use the channel wiki page as a quick guide to see which build is on which channel but it won’t provide you with download links.

I’ll look into possibly adding download links into the above channel wiki.

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