Command to save an entire web with subdirectories/folders/files?

Does Brave (or any browser) have a command to save an entire web with subdirectories/folders/files? If so, I can’t find it.
I used to be able to on Windows when I had it.

Hello? Anyone? Bueller?

Hello @russn8r, thank you for contacting us. What kind of device and OS do you have? If on windows by pressing Crtl + S it will save the entire page automatically. If you have a different one let us know so we can further investigate the issue.


Hi Jarc,
It’s windows, but CTRL S does not save the entire “web” or domain. Only the top level. I need to save all directories and subdirectories and all files in the subdirectories.
Have a great Thanksgiving,

That would be a bit difficult.
In the past websites were static and just a tree of folders and subfolders. Nowadays most websites are dynamic and content comes from a database.

The “Save Page As” available in the menu “More Tools” or Ctrl+s is your best option.

You can try to search for some Chrome extension. But those I found are all saving the current page only.

That’s a shame. Save page as is not an option for me. Too many subdirectories.
Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving

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