Command-Q (Quit) Shortcut Safety Delay, please

I have accidentally quit the Brave desktop app by hitting Command-Q instead of Command-Tab while switching apps. Chrome requires the Command-Q key to be held down for a brief delay before it quits using this shortcut to prevent accidental quits, and I would appreciate this feature in Brave as well. It would keep the browser from shutting down accidentally, since Q and Tab are right next to each other on the keyboard.

Otherwise, I have really been enjoying this browser since I downloaded it about a week ago. Thanks.

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controversial moment. I have never felt such a thing. I think here you can try to use a suitable extension if the case is the same.

do you frequently use Command-Tab (or Ctl-Tab) to switch apps? this seems like a common keyboard action. missing the Tab key by a small amount immediately shuts down the whole browser, which can be problematic if you are uploading/downloading anything.

what extension would i use? i am a user, not a developer. i appreciate any help you can provide. thanks.

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maybe look here and change ctrl+tab. I am not familiar with this situation, I can not say exactly.

This is already option under Settings -> Appearance - > Show warning before quitting with ⌘Q

thanks. i appreciate your help. :slight_smile:

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