Combined Topic: iOS crashing after 1.50

Thanks for the update @Michal. Ironically, I had just tweeted at Anthony Keane and Sampson on this to see if could figure it out since I had just checked here and not seen any updates yet. Seems we were on it at the same time.

Hopefully it will finally be an answer for them.

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We tested it with 1000 tabs and seems to be fixed. Fingers crossed

hopefully it works. i was working on closing them before the app stopped working. not 100% confident i have less than 1000 open :grimacing::sweat_smile:

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I look forward to 1.56’s release. Just to follow up even though I am sure it probably doesn’t make a difference, but I did go ahead with the 16.6 update on my iPad and there was no difference in the app not crashing.

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just updated to 1.56 and it still crashes

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It still hangs for 20 seconds app launch then proceeds to crash?


that sucks sorry. any chance you can give us your crash logs?
you can follow similar steps as here

We fixed one app launch crash in 1.56. looks like there is another one.
Is your browser profile unusual? like do you have a lot of bookmarks, or tabs or other data

@michal i do have a lot of tabs and bookmarks. like a lot a LOT. i don’t have an exact number because i haven’t been in the app in a long time.
Client-2023-08-08-081512.txt (39.0 KB)

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Your log is very helpful thanks. We know what is the problem now and looking at a solution.
Unfortunately there’s been two app launch crash sources, we fixed one in 1.56. Maybe we’ll make a hotfix the second one I will let you know

I also updated to 1.56 (still running 16.6 on my iPad Pro) and it is still crashing. The same behavior as before the update, the browser hangs for about 20 seconds and then crashes. Since it’s been months since I have used the app I don’t have exact numbers for you, but that being said I did have a lot of tabs open as well.

@fljlee can you also make sure to share the crash reports as Michal askes of Alyssa just a few comments above?

for me the 1.56 update worked. I got everything back and was able to put in place sync.

Thank you and good luck for the other crash


Good to know thanks.
Unfortunately there’s been two type of crashes for people with hundreds of tabs
1.56 fixed one of it.
1.57 should fix the second one

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