Combined Topic: iOS crashing after 1.50

Mine is still not opening. Crashes ever time I try to open it :weary:

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@Lana25 looks like this is the first time you’re posting here. Can you advise of the following:

  • Which version of iOS are you using?

  • Which version of Brave?

  • Can you try to share crash reports you’re getting? Instructions are at iOS crashes: How to share logs


In order to be able to upload here, you’ll have to get a trust promotion. Requirements for that to happen are:

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It honestly isn’t that bad, just is a matter of you reading through a variety of topics and posts. Can get it done in about 10 minutes.

OS: iOS 16.4.1 (20E252)
Brave: just updated to latest version, but it’s opening with blank window

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Starting yesterday (Saturday 5/27/23), every time that I opened the app it would act like it was opening, stay on a white screen for like 20 seconds and then close. I updated the Brave app after this, to see if it would fix it and it didn’t. I then updated my IPad iOS to the newest version and this also did not solve the problem. I have so many tabs open on there, that I don’t want to lose. Please help! I cannot loose my open tabs! Please! It seems like a lot of people are having this problem and it’s not being fixed. It’s just getting worse. Please fix it!

I updated my iPad to iOS 16.5 and the Brave app to 1.51.1 and it did not fix the problem.

I also have the .txt File, if that would help.

I wrote a review on iTunes for the Brave app, basically stating what I did here. I got a response from the developer that told me to please update to the newest version, which I already did, and and it did not work (Which I already stated in that review). The newest version of the app did not help fix this problem for me at all. And this problem only started the day that the newest version came out. And that same day is when I updated to the newest version. Please help me!

@michal Should I move all people still experiencing this issue over to a new topic or how would you, @Mattches and @steeven like to proceed? I’m seeing some of the posts here but then also at iOS 16.5 and Brave 1.51 - instant crash on Brave open - #17 by fljlee where it seems like issue is still ongoing for some with iOS 16.5

Hi @Saoiray, thanks for checking in. For the time being, I think leaving here is fine, I know that @michal and the team are actively tracking the remaining crash issue.

Just closing the gap here, 1.51.1 dropped in the App Store for me last week and upgrading to it restored operation (saving an infinite number of open tabs I was afraid would be lost but thankfully weren’t). Thank you @Saoiray and @michal :+1:

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ya do it bro no problem

@Mattches i have a crash log for ios16.5 and brave 1.51.1
still crashing/unusable since november
Client-2023-06-07-051113.txt (37.3 KB)

@alyssasch @Sammyleann @fljlee @Lana25 and whoever else…sorry I let this kind of die for the past month. I just want to ask, are all of you still having issues?

Also want to tag @steeven @Mattches and @michal to see if we have any further ideas? I know haven’t been seeing crash reports as often as we did in the past, but I am still occasionally seeing people complain on different formats, such as

Also not sure if you guys were ever able to go through crash report that was submitted 28 days ago by alyssasch here on this topic.


Hello! Yes, I’m still experiencing the issue. Thank you for checking up.

Thanks @Sammyleann, reaching out to the appropriate team members.

also still having this problem


still having the problem also (brave 1.52 and ios 15.7.7).
but brave beta 1.53 is working fine.

Sorry, I didn’t see this tag. I was still looking on this thread: iOS 16.5 and Brave 1.51 - instant crash on Brave open

I am still having the same issues I described before. I cannot get the browser to launch. It starts to boot up shows an outline of the browser with the rest of the screen blank, hangs for about 20 seconds, and then crashes. I am running iPad OS 16.5.1 (c) and Brave Browser 1.52.1

I notice there is an iPad OS update (16.6) I will update and see if that makes any changes. I will reply back later with an update.

Yeah, sorry it’s taking a while for solutions. I think one of the bigger challenges is there’s just a small subsection of people experiencing these issues. Though it would be nice if we could get any of the devs (like @michal) or Support (like @steeven) to advise if they’ve been able to figure anything out or where things stand.

If nothing else, hoping they can advise what (if anything) has been learnt from the crash reports everyone had submitted. It also would be nice to know if this is something that may yet take months to resolve or what kind of timeline. Or heck, even to know if it’s something that can be handled on Brave’s side or what needs to be done. I know some have been experiencing these issues since April or May at least. So being at the end of July and only hearing it be said that the teams are looking into it definitely can be discouraging. Just tagging people in to hopefully get some more clarity on everything.

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information would be great because this situation is incredibly frustrating. i’ve been having this issue since last november, 9 months.

We have a fix for this app launch 20 sec hang → crash.
It should go live in 1.56 next week.

There is a performance problem with a lot of tabs opened we had to fix


Thanks for the update @Michal. Ironically, I had just tweeted at Anthony Keane and Sampson on this to see if could figure it out since I had just checked here and not seen any updates yet. Seems we were on it at the same time.

Hopefully it will finally be an answer for them.

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