Combined Topic: iOS crashing after 1.50

@mattches could you help?
I do know that there’s a notice you made about crashing or lost data installations but I’m not sure if iPad users are connected to it as well.

@Dwp138 @2rabbit would you guys know what brave Version you are on?
Does the same happen for Brave beta/Nightly?

@SmartyAadi - When I redownloaded it the app store showed version 1.50. Is it possible to get beta/Nightly without being able to launch the app?

I am not sure I understand your doubt?

i have the latest version installed.

Thank you all for reporting.
Can I ask you all to go ahead and get the crash logs from your device and send them my way? You can see instructions for how to download your crash logs here (instructions are for FF but they are the same steps as for Brave):

Once you have them, simply reply here in this thread stating that you do and I will send you a DM to receive the logs.

Thank you

@Dwp138 @2rabbit Not sure if you shared your crash logs with Mattches yet. If you did, please advise so at least other people looking here know he did contact and you’ve shared.

I know Mattches shared link to a “how to” on accessing and sharing crash logs. If you need, a simpler step by step can be found on my FAQ at iOS crashes: How to share logs. Just sharing because some others said the link provided by Mattches was harder to follow.


Brave crashes immediately on startup. I’m using it on my iphone. I have checked for updates on the app store, I have deleted Brave and restarted my phone, reinstalled Brave and it still doesn’t work. Please help!

I’m having the same issue suddenly

I also am having this issue with the classic Brave, nightly works fine

I think this issue is related to

I’ll suggest sharing info which others have shared, so brave can have more data about what’s happening.

Apologies but it is not related to the issue linked above.

Please see my response here and follow the instructions on how to download your iOS crash logs so our developers can take a closer look:

I’m sorry, I don’t understand how to download the crash logs on my iphone from that response. Will you please provide something more specific?

Hey. I think the steps at
PSA: Current FAQ - #44 by Saoiray might help

@SmartyAadi is correct — please use the steps shown in the link above to find and download your iOS crash logs.

Thank you, SmartyAadi, the steps are perfect, exactly what I needed. However, the only data I have on my phone is dated from April 2022 and back. I turned off “Share iPhone Analytics” and sharing last year. I hate apple spying on me and the data logs take up memory.

Is there anything else I can do to help provide information? I turned on “Share iphone Analytics” and “Share with App Developers” and then tried Brave a couple times (of course, it crashed) but I’m guessing that it may take time for a log to be written in the phone? I don’t know about this stuff, but I’m willing to follow steps to help out.

I detest Safari, Opera and dislike Firefox (I feel like I’m stooping low to have to use them!) and want Brave back!

Negative, there’s no other way for you to be able to share information. You can turn it back on if you’d like to be able to have it generate, then share the info with us. But there’s nothing built into the browser like it would be on Android or Windows.

Not sure how long it takes. Also not sure if it would help if you restarted your device. Let’s give it some time and if it doesn’t generate anything by this time tomorrow, we’ll tag in Mattches or someone else to see if they can offer suggestions. But hopefully you’ll have the data ready by then.

Hi all, can you check if the latest public beta build does not crash for you?
Grab it here
Version 1.51 (, we have a potential fix there.

Alternatively you can try updating your iOS device to a higher iOS 15 version. This crash seems to only occur on 15.0 and 15.1 devices

Hi, Brave crashes as soon as it opens. I see a blank white screen and then it crashes immediately. No error messages. I have the file for you, please DM me. Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you try the public beta link I posted above?

The beta build is working fine for me no crashes to report

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