Combine horizontal and vertical tabs

It would be really nice to be able to combine vertical and horizontal tabs.

Vertical tabs could be used to pin important apps (email, chat, …) and horizontal tabs would be used for regular browsing

you can add those few tabs in sidebar for vertical and keep the horizontal tabs as it is

I can only put bookmarks vertically and use them in horizontal tabs.
What I think would be useful is to have fixed vertical tabs that would be used for frequent access as well as horizontal tabs that would be used for browsing

when you visit at website, click the + icon and add site to sidebar, that is how you get
sites vertically and even switch between them using that same sidebar if the URL is same

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Then it would be good to simplify this behavior by enabling drag and drop for instance. Using the + icon is not so natural in my opinion.

IMO the library just adds another hierarchy level for bookmarks, which can be useful, but does not provide the features a tab can bring such as notifications for instance. Links also have to load when a tab is already loaded, so more reactive.

Stacking links in sidebar also implies more context switching as clicking an icon opens the wanted url in the current tab and there’s no way to open it in a new tab with just a right click.

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