Colour cast on Full Screen Image

Curious yellow colour cast appears on a particular image when double-clicked to zoom image display. Only appears to occur on this image and does not appear on Safari, Edge, Firefox.
Colour profile issue?

See attached images.

To duplicate - visit:

Guardian - Wildlife Photographer of the year gallery

Scroll down to first image (cheetahs) and click to zoom.

Does not occur in other images at same URL

See attached screenshots

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I couldn’t reproduce the issue, tested with both default Brave Shields settings and strict (aggressive ads & trackers blocking, and strict fingerprinting protection).

Check if disabling Brave Shields resolves the issue, you might be using a filter list / custom filter that is causing the issue. Also worth checking if clearing browsing data resolves the issue.

Tested here, no issues from what I see. Maybe related to hardware acceleration at a guess?

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Resolved - found that it occurs when Cleanshot has been used to take a screenshot of the image on the page while displayed by Brave - the cast covers the area selected for the screenshot if one scrolls away from the image and then scrolls back and clicks it again to display it.

Not sure why, but it would appear that Cleanshot leaves an artefact on the screen which interferes with the Brave display function.

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I havent heard from you i a while

I posted an update earlier this evening.

I don’t think it is a Brave problem, but something to do with the state that Cleanshot leaves the screen in on a Mac after a screenshot has been taken.

Still trying to narrow it down further.

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