Colors are different compared to other browsers



This image shows the same button in 2 different browsers,
first is Brave, the other is FF (which looks the same as Chrome).

The CSS for this is
background-color: rgba(32, 132, 240, 0.5); }

Obviously, the color is far off.
(have to admit, saving the image as jpg exaggerated the purple color a little bit… )

Version 0.18.36 , ubuntu.


Hi, do you experience the difference on other elements as reported on this page for example?



no, the windows and other things are fine.
It is just that the rgb color seems off by about 30points

Open this in Brave and another brower to see the difference


This is a comparison on my environment (Windows 10). The left one is on Chrome, the right one is on Brave.


It looks like the issue can only be reproduced on linux. I’ll forward the issue to the team.

If you have other distros such as Debian set up, it would be appreciated if you could check the issue can be reproduced on that too. It will help us to narrow the issue down. thanks!


Yep, using Brave, I experience a pink/grayish salmon color which impinges on every image that is viewed. OS is windows 8.1 pro (which will be retired soon). Alas, I’m not a developer, but when I can use Brave for image viewing, I will be happy to become a $ contributor $. Paying for what is good tends to allow more of it.