Colored tabs , disable webrtc , better adblocking , anti adblock killer

Hi , Love the new look and responsiveness…
I’ve been using uBlock Origin for many years and i love some of its settings (like disabling webrtc and blocking CSP reports.) I would very much like it if you can add these options to the brave shields.
Also there is a website i use for adding filter lists to my adblocker called filterlists. Is there a way i can add filter lists to the brave shields with just a click ?. Its important because i want to add some anti adblock killer filters as i am unable to use some websites without disabling the shields (doesnt happen in uBlock Origin).

Kind Regards

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I’ll have to ask around about the ad filters, as our current preferences and overall UI are going through a large design overhaul right now.

As for adding the ability to disable webRTC, we’re on it:

Will reply back here when I have more info about the way our ad preferences will be configured.

I think its important for many people like me to have a nice Frontend for filtering options. Otherwise there is no point to keep it on as i would just install extensions via store.

Kind Regards.