'Colored' tabs are persisting in other windows than the one they were created in

This (the below) has all occurred from a single operation in which I created three colored tabs, all in the same window, then deleted them.

– I created three colored tabs in a window just to see what they looked like. (First time using them.)

– After removing them completely in the window in which I’d created them, I found that colored tabs were appearing in other windows.

– That’s still continuing to happen. Colored tabs are showing up seemingly randomly.

Is there a ‘reset’ for this so that I can stop it from happening?


@mattches Any ideas about this – at least how to disable the feature entirely?

Those colored tabs keep popping up, unpredictably, as if they have a life (& will) of their own.

Suggestion: Allow the main favicon (the tiny one that’s separate from the actual colored tabs) to be dragged off the tab bar as a means to remove the colors from all colored tabs in the current window.


Note the various examples of how the “tab group” feature works in the issue I opened here:

What’s likely happening is that you’re cmd + clicking links or opening links from a page in a new tab which, if you have zero tab groups so far, it will create a tab group (since the link you just opened was from that page).

Note that you can right-click on any tab/group and select:

You can disable the feature entirely by going to brave://flags, searching for the #enable-tab-groups flag and disabling it.

Thanks. I don’t believe I was doing that. What does cmd-click do on a Mac? (Nothing different from a normal left-click on it, far as I can see. And ctl-click, if that’s what you meant, just allows operations within the same window, the only one that’s potentially relevant here being ‘duplicate,’ which I never use.)

I have no recollection of trying to open/duplicate, etc. any colored tabs within the same window or from one window to another. I was just switching (navigating) to other windows and seeing colored tabs where I’d never created them.

In any event, hopefully disabling the flag will stop this from happening.

Just to add: ‘Remove From Group’ was no problem, I saw that option. However, when I was experimenting with the ‘colored tab groups’ feature, the main favicon (the tiny one) sometimes disappeared when I removed the last colored tab in a window, but at other times it remained in the tab bar, so unless I missed something there seems to be some inconsistency in the behavior.

Colored tabs are popping up all over the place, although I haven’t created them since the first day I looked at them and then deleted the few I had created.

Are these things alive with a will of their own?

(@mattches I noted your explanation above of what you thought might be happening, but the latest ones are in a newly-opened Private TOR window.)

So did disabling the flag not work for you?

@mattches I think it’s okay now, following relaunch. (I had only disabled the feature before – i.e, not relaunched.)

I don’t understand the logic of how the feature works, though, given that colored tabs were constantly showing up in windows, including Private and Private with TOR windows, with absolutely no direction or input from me.

Which particular colors would appear also seemed completely unpredictable.

If using colored tab groups is intended to be an organizational tool, wouldn’t one expect to have complete control over them? – i.e., e.g., click on a tab, choose desired color – not to have the colors appear seemingly randomly and unpredictably.

Thanks for following up.

If you click the colored square, you’ll have some options to customize the tab group. See the issue I opened (linked above, but I’ll link again) for more information:

@mattches Thanks, I was aware of the customization options. The problem was that colored tabs were appearing without my creating them – including in new ‘Private’ and ‘Private with TOR’ windows.

As I linked to above, the team is in discussion about how to handle the tab-groups implementation. Good to know that it works across all windows – thank you for your reports.

@mattches Thanks, I’d looked at the github stuff but didn’t see anything there about self-creating colored tabs.

Maybe Brave should consider filing a patent. Browser Tabs with built-in AI. :cowboy_hat_face: