Color changes in text and DNS issues with Brave


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I have a HP ProBook 450 running Windows 7 Professional. I have Brave version 0.20.46; V8 6.4.388.41; Rev 5eb035c; Muon 4.8.2; OS Release 6.1.7601; Update Channel : Release ;OD Arch x64; Platform is Microsoft Windows ; Node.js: 7.9.0; Brave Sync v1.4.2; libchromiumcontent 64.0.3282.140.
I’ve been using Brave for about a year now. I really love it! I used it for so long without problems it came as an ugly shock when they finally appeared.
Speaking of ugly, the fonts used on the browser turn strange colors. Things like magenta, yellow and neon green. It seems to happen randomly, from 2-10% of the window, affecting mostly text. The longer brave runs, the more it is affected. It’s almost like a kid decided to paint bits of my browser “pretty” colors. Sometimes the whole text (in lists and hypertext) is turned pink or yellow for no apparent reason. Now I’m partial to the idea of putting a bit more color into the browser, but not like this.
Another suspicious behavior is that there have been no updates since it started happening, which was in mid-January. I even rolled back my version to the last one, but it only stayed normal for about ten minutes.
To add injury to insult, my DNS randomly breaks and it can’t find even find Google, even if I was browsing there in the first place. Yes, I’ve already changed my DNS provider to no effect. Strangely this happens right before updates for Windows. Rebooting only sometimes helps. I bring this to you because it doesn’t seem to happen in other browsers. But I like brave so I don’t want to stop using it.
The last time I saw weird text like this was when software got hacked. This probably means exactly nothing, but I thought I’d mention it.

If it’s not something cracking related, then it probably just needs to be freshly reinstalled. If it is compromised, I’m nervous about importing my passwords and data to a fresh install, lest I also transplant the problem.

I thought I’d ask what people think.
Here’s an example of what I mean.


I would thoroughly recommended to scan your Windows PC for threats. Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a freeware [ available at ] I’d personally suggest to once scan the whole device including for PUPs
Also make sure no external extension in brave is installed that may cause this problem. Then clear all the inBrowser data from then beginning of time including cache, cookies, history & everything else. Try surfing now. If your system wasn’t infected, removing unnecessary add-ons and after cleaning all data, problem still exists then the best solution would be:

You could try uninstalling the browser, delete the residues & whole installation folder manually (Usually in C:\program files)
Reboot the PC & make a fresh install of Brave. Make sure you don’t play around with settings or install any third party extension/add-on unless necessary. Keep the settings on default & give it a shot :slight_smile:

Feel free to ping back on Brave community!


I’ve already scanned with Avast Premium and whatever HP uses for malware searches. I don’t install extensions because I know what kind of security threat they are. I’ll happily try something else because I’m running out of ideas. Thanks @BOB-vagene!


Feel free to ping back on Brave community! :smiley:



Since the device is clean & if the problem still exists, I would thoroughly recommend wiping all the browser data & uninstall it. Remove the left over folders & files of browser in installation directory [ Usually C:\ ]
Reboot the PC & Reinstall Brave. That’s it. This should do it. Also make sure not to play around with any browser settings :stuck_out_tongue:

Best Regards ! :smile:


As I was flipping through brave settings while wiping data, I discovered a brave plugin activated for a certain p2p application.
I hadn’t realized that clicking on a link installed the plugin. Yes, I use torrent… but not for piracy. I am a linux user, and I download my .iso’s that way. I’m pretty sure that led to something hinky in retrospect.

However, even after old Brave was gone (and before I reinstalled it) I was still having DNS issues and getting kicked off of connections with plenty of bars.
I did a port scan and discovered my wifi extender was on a very popular chanel. I thought certain I had changed it before. So I went to the extender’s settings portal and found that it simply wasn’t where it should be. It wasn’t a matter of not being able to log in-- there was no there there. I could not ping my wifi extender at its address, either.
So, I unplugged it. DNS problems and connection flakiness went away almost immediately.
So the two issues may or may not be related. Unplugging the extender seems to make the DNS problem go away, and completely razing and reinstalling Brave made the pretty colors go away.

I have a new appreciation for Debian using Jigdo as a torrent alternative.

I guess my next step is to reset the extender, upgrade the firmware, and lock it down so hard this doesn’t happen again… or learn to live without, on the off chance it’s an argument with my provider’s security monitoring.
@BOB-vagene Thanks for your assistance… and your patience!

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