Color changes for looked at search results

when I have done a search (generally Google) and the results are displayed I will click on the one that seems the most relevant and go on to how ever many I need to go to to find my answer. My problem is that the color change between the topics that I have clicked on and the unseen ones are so slight I can’t tell the difference (OK, I’m old, get over it, nothing I can do about it cept croak and I feel too good for that). I would like to make the ones I have been to red and the ones that are virgin black. Can anyone tell me how to do it. I hope it isn’t too terribly obvious. Thanks all.

Thanks for reaching out to us.
Unfortunately, there are no Brave settings that control this behavior. However, there are several extensions you can install that can do this behavior for you.

No wonder I couldn’t find them. Makes me feel a little less incompetent. Thank you.

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