Collections Feature with drag and drop (like in Edge)

I really want the Collections feature added to Brave.
The Collections feature on the new chromium edge is just so awesome. You can literally drag and drop pictures, links and what not. I just makes the browser and the experience just so much more productive like when you are doing research or working on a project. I am considering using edge as my secondary browser for project work unless this feature in added to Brave, which I hope it will.
Thanks :slight_smile:


I agree, it can make browsing way more interactive and it saves a lot of RAM. Other browsers besides Edge are starting to implement and perfect it. I think it’s time for Brave (including Android and iOS) to join the race. It’s a feature a lot of people would enjoy having, including me, and people who don’t care for it wouldn’t be bothered


212 views and 6 likes. Any way we can :heart: @Tombstone2K 's post so devs can see the demand for this suggested add-on, Brave community?


I’m all for Edge Collections too!

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