Coins in my Brave browsers have not been withdrawn

brave nightly and brave beta My coins remain undeposited in their browsers. What is the reason for this?

Are you looking at the estimated earnings for the previous/current month? Please note, payouts are currently pending for January.

Normally, the accumulated coins decrease when they are paid, but I want to say that mine remain.

Based on the screenshot, you’re looking at estimated earnings for February. January earnings are processing.

Here’s what I earned in January, but it’s moved to February, do you understand?

Please submit your issue here and we can investigate. Thanks!

I have already created this title to explain the problem, what more should I write?

You’re running a business like you’re kidding

We will need some additional information to help review your concern. Please fill out the form and we’d be happy to investigate further. I will DM you for the ticket number. Thanks!

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