Code obfuscation & shady behaviour

Why is MY browser requesting a “QA Code” for certain functionality? The only way this code would be esoteric would be if code were obfuscated or the version I’m running has a bunch of closed source code which actively works AGAINST ME which is shady for a browser which claims otherwise, if so is there any versions of Brave that do not serve a foreign 3RD Party’s interests?


Hello @rezijqbq , you can ignore this settings as it’s like it’s name is for Brave devs. IIRC this settings should be hidden by default.


I have the same issue as this guy and I completely agree. Isn’t Brave supposed to be OSS? This QA Code is abhorrent, this is my computer and I have a right to do what I want on it. If Brave is OSS could you kindly link to the section where it says this code thank you.

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@1RON4x2_8 First off, are you really that lazy? Go search it. It’s there. Yes, there’s a LOT of stuff to sort through. But the idea you don’t know how to read code or navigate through Github means it doesn’t exist?

Secondly, you don’t have full right to everything within the browser. Even as they share code, it doesn’t mean you have full access and privilege to do what you want with it. Otherwise one might argue you’d be able to spoof information to try to send signals to Brave that you’ve seen more ads than you have, thus committing fraud. But it’s okay, because it’s your computer and you have a right to do what you want on it.

good point, people should be using truely open sourced browsers like firefox instead of shady crypto browsers connected to ponzi schemes and failed crypto companies like Gemini!

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That function shouldn’t be built in no but their shouldn’t be any code obfuscation stopping me from doing so either.

Aren’t Brave mobile builds OSS?

I totally agree, know any good Android browsers?

Yeah, they are. You can find all complete code there. I hate to share this when someone is too lazy to look themselves, but let’s look at this as an example. It’s part of where they put in the QA that was shared by OP:

There’s a ton of code to sort through. When you go to look for stuff, there’s thousands of projects, issues, etc to have to search and read. You have to toy with phrasing sometimes to get to it.

That said, Brave is 100% OSS.

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