Basic Attention Token Airdrop

I came across this link from
Link: is writing about a 100$ BAT Airdrop when you use the Brave browser for 30 days.

I use the Brave browser since May 2020.

Is it legit or not ?.

We are not supposed to post memes in here, so here goes a text version of a meme.

BAT and airdrop = drake_putting_stop_pic
BAT and Brave Browser = drake_happy_pic

What are you talking about?

Since you didn’t understand my last reply. Let me explain it in a way you would understand.

The purpose of the fake airdrop?

The first and most easily achieved goal is to quickly get a great social networking community. Since airdrops often require participants to sign up for e-mail, like Facebook, to participate in the Telegram, follow up on Twitter, it’s easy to get a community of tens of thousands of people on social networks. After cheating, renaming Facebook, Telegram, Twitter is very easy. Airdrop rogue from Corbit, fake EOS airdrop, fake airdrop BAT is this form.
Some projects have more sophisticated purposes, which are collecting user data for fraudulent purposes of ICOs. Investors may be tricked into sending ETH to fraudulent sites or bogus ICO projects.

In this case they want you to download Brave using their referral code which will give them a referral bonus and like every other user you will end up with nothing, nada.
I’m not assuming this outcome. They clearly mentioned it in the page which you pasted here.

How to identify fake airdrops

Participating in rogue airdrops will cost you less and more time wasting your personal information and money. So, in addition to finding airdrop projects from reputable sources (now don’t ask me the names of those sources) helps you avoid being fooled.
Identification of fraudulent airdrop is similar to that of fraudulent ICO identities, in the following ways:

Airdrop from the big projects:

  1. Will Airdrop be officially notified? A reputable airdrop from major projects needs to be officially announced on the news channels like their Website, Twitter or Reddit.
  2. Where to join airdrop? Large projects must have a specific website and clear rules program. If the airdrop of a large project that simply fills the form or join the Telegram is obviously fake.

So is this Cocoricos thing fake?

I think you already know the answer.
But if you still didn’t get it, then the answer is YES, IT’S FAKE.

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thank you for your clear and direct response. :slight_smile:

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