not working on Brave mobile and desktop?

Whenever I go to Brave on mobile or desktop I get redirected to the page where it says:
"Browser Blocked
We apologize, but your web browser is configured in such a way that it is preventing this site from implementing required components that protect your privacy and allow you to view and change your privacy settings. This functionality is required for privacy legislation in your region.
We recommend you use a different browser or disable the “EasyList Cookie” filter from your “Content Filtering” settings (found under “Settings” → “Shields” in the Brave Browser). "
I have turned off Shields and (on desktop) all other extensions and I still get this page and can’t view anything on .

This is a known issue that I thought had been resolved already but I’m now seeing the same thing. Give me a moment to talk to our web compat. guys about this.

Oops my mistake, it actually is working for me on my end. Can you please go to brave://components and ensure that the following two components are fully updated (you may need to click Check for update for both of them)?


Updated those and the problem still exists on desktop. Apparently it’s working on mobile now (wasn’t a few days ago).

Hmmm, wondering if you need to clear site data before it’ll work. Can you try visiting, clicking the “tune” icon next to the address bar:

Then Site settings --> Delete data. Refresh CNN and try again.

browser is still misbehaving and redirecting to /browser-blocked

Does it work in private window mode?, visit directly, not the redirect url.

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Yes, it works in Private Mode.

Which extensions do you have?

Admittedly I have a bunch, but this issue hasn’t happened before. If you want me to list them, I can.

@frogmaw big thing to do would go through testing and see if you can figure out which might be causing the issue.

When you say it works on Private but not on normal, it tells us it’s either cookies or extensions causing your issue.

If we assume you cleared cookies based on instructions given to you by Mattches earlier today, then that leaves the cause of your issues to be extensions.

So kind of up to you to test and figure out which one. You can do this by doing a new profile and adding extensions one at a time until experience the problem or can try disabling one at a time on your existing profile to see when/if it goes away. (Disabling is good enough in most cases, but sometimes issue will persist unless removed)

If you figure out the extension causing problems, then can be good to let the developer of the extension know about the problem. But then sharing here also can either allow Brave to try to figure it out or at least puts it on our radar so we can tell others that the particular extension might be causing issues.

Any cookie (or privacy) related extensions could be the cause

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