Cmd-T (New Tab) behaviour from private tabs


On OS X the behaviour for the Cmd-T hotkey is to open a new (non-private) tab regardless of the currently focused tab. This can be a little counter-intuitive at times as I often expect new-tab from a private tab to also be private (and forget to use the private-new-tab keybinding). This only seems to be an issue when the private and non-private tabs can share the same tab bar.

Is there any mechanism at the moment to use the currently focused tab to set the privacy of a new tab for a keybinding rather than having to remember to use a separate hotkey? If not it would be a useful feature!


Hi @jawline, thanks for the feedback!

I think it’s expected behavior since Ctrl+T is set to open new tab while Ctrl+Shift+P used for private tab. I forgot how other browser behave for this (while they have private tab, not the current private window).

Will moved it to Feature Request for now. Also cc @alex or @kamil on this for visibility.


Hi @jawline,

@eljuno basically nailed it on the head! Because private tabs are not bounded to a Private Window, the CMD + T shortcut will always open a regular tab and CMD + SHIFT + P will always open a private tab. Unfortunately there’s no current mechanism within Brave that lets you assign a keyboard shortcut so that it would open a specific tab based on what’s currently in focus. But I definitely see the use case!

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