Cloudflare Human Verification Infinite Looping

I read a lot of Fan Fiction about a fourth of which is on and I’m no longer able to and haven’t been able to since Wednesday. I’m getting stuck on an infinite loop of trying to verify that I’m human. I click on the button to verify I’m a human, but it just reloads and repeats endlessly. Oddly though it is only when I try to read a story there, but the author pages load as normal. On Chrome it works just fine, but not on Brave. Both are the latest version. I’ve emptied my cookies and local data multiple times, and I’ve turned off Brave Shields. None of it is fixing this issue.

Brave version is Version 1.47 (

MK2L3LL/A is my model number. It’s a 9th generation iPad. iOS version is 15.6.1

I just tried to access on my Desktop and it loaded with no issues. Then I went to try on my iPhone and it didn’t load anything on Brave. So I tried it on Safari and it’s the same issue. Then went to Chrome and it also didn’t load anything.

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