Closing Tabs When Tab Bar is Full



Just a small and slightly inconvenient bug:

When I have lots of tabs open (stacked all the way to the right of the browser), closing the one on the end (right side) closes the tab as expected, however the ‘x’ / close icon for the next tab doesn’t appear unless I move my mouse slightly, or until I take my mouse off the tab element and place it back. This means if I have lots of tabs and want to close them using that x button it prevents me from doing (smoothly).

I have made a gif clearly showing the bug here :

Windows 7

Brave version info:
|OS Release|6.1.7601|
|Update Channel|Release|
|OS Architecture|x64|
|OS Platform|Microsoft Windows|
|Brave Sync|v1.4.2|


Hi @Quaren, thanks for reaching out to us!
I had just started noticing this behavior myself. I have logged this issue on Github for the team to review.
You can see the logged issue here:

Thank you for supporting Brave :slight_smile:


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