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A couple of suggestions as feedback. I notice that if there’s only one tab left and I close that tab, it closes the browser, and I expect that. However when I open the browser back up it also opens the tab I closed which defeats the purpose of closing the tab. Perhaps something to look into?
Also, regarding the bar at the bottom that shows downloads (kind of like in the chrome browser). If I close the bar and say, download something else, it shows what I downloaded plus everything else previously downloaded. If there’s a way to have it so that when I close the bar on the bottom, it doesn’t show those old downloads when I download again (like in chrome) that would be nice. And a minor thing with the downloads bar, it takes up a lot of space. It might just be on my computer (14 inch, 2560x1440 @ 175% scaling) but instead of it saying “completed” at the bottom, maybe have an icon?


Hi @EpicRainbow,
Thanks for the feedback.

You can set your “Brave start with” via Preferences > General.

Is it downloading in the same browser session?

Will look for the existing request for the rest feedback (download bar size + icon).



I have it set to open windows and tabs from last time. Except if I close a tab that also closes the browser, when I start the browser again it shouldn’t open that tab, as I had closed it previously.
Regarding the downloads bar, it doesn’t always happen in the same browsing session. I can close the browser and open it up again, download something, and it will show that download along with previous session downloads.


Thanks for the info @EpicRainbow,

cc @LaurenWags is it expected behavior?

You may want to enable Download history option at Preferences > Security > Private Data. With this setting enabled, it’ll clear the download history every time you close Brave. :slight_smile:

cc @rossmoody on this.


@eljuno I’m not exactly sure since macOS behaves differently in this regard as compared to Windows and Linux. Maybe @sriram would be a better person to field this question :slight_smile:



Which reminds me: Old Opera* had the ability to close all tabs and keep running - disadvantage: It never closes “automatically”, you have to close it “explicitly”. Opera always reloads the last session, so when you close the last tab and then close the browser, it opens with no tabs the next time. (I still have Opera-11 and just checked.) That ability would IMHO be nice to have! As an alternative to closing the browser when the last tab gets closed. It would also give you the ability to close all tabs and then open a new one for something completely different.

@EpicRainbow I see your point and agree (see above), but what should it do instead? Restart with no tabs (I suspect that’s not possible at this time, it would be my favorite), or with one new/empty tab (I suspect that would be the only option now)?

I have to admit that I encountered this little annoyance, too. My solution is: Open a new, empty tab, then close the previously last tab, then the whole browser (without closing the empty tab which would also close the browser). Not ideal but the only way I can get to not restart with a tab I don’t want to visit again.

*: On Windows and Linux both, don’t know about MacOS.


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