Closing single window

Have 3 large screens, multiple Brave windows open. Closing a window is PIA as the little x dot is so small. It’s a huge tab. Enlarge the close window corner area. It’s ridiculously small on one large monitor.

Just to be clear
a) what environment? (Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, iOS phone, etc)
b) “which” x to close? For the window, or for a tab?

I ask because here is a screenshot of Brave Dev with two tabs open, sitting behind Chrome Dev, sitting behind Firefox, sitting behind Chromium, sitting behind Opera Dev (all running on openSUSE Tumbleweed with Plasma).

They both (titlebar x and tab x) look the same to me (well, except for Opera). Granted, titlebar icons should all match because those are controlled by the operating system / desktop environment. Anyway, the tab x’s all look the same to me (though Firefox’s are a tad larger).


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