Closing/Reopening Brave locks 1Password extension

Description of the issue:
The 1Password extension locks whenever Brave is closed and reopened. I think it locks other times too but I haven’t been able to pin down a procedure that always locks it except to close Brave and re-open it.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Install 1Password extension.
    I have version 1.22.3 installed now but I don’t think this is a new or version specific problem.
  2. Open Brave. The 1Password icon in the menu bar will show a closed lock symbol.
  3. Unlock it.
  4. Close Brave
  5. Open Brave again.
  6. The extension will be locked again.

Expected result:
The extension should stay unlocked unless the Mac is restarted. That’s what happens with Safari.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
I don’t see any options in the extension’s Details page to manage unlocking. I don’t know whether the extension pays any attention to 1Password app’s settings. Its Preferences → Security page does include options to lock on sleep and several other conditions. The only one I have checked is “lock on fast user switching”.

2021-03-02 Update
Problem was in the 1Password extension rather than Brave. The “classic” version (4.7.x) of the extension used to lock/unlock when the desktop app locks/unlocks but the version in the Chrome Store currently (1.23.x ) ignores the desktop app. The classic version is still available in Chrome’s Store. In order to install it:

  • Remove any versions of the extension that are currently installed
  • Enter in Brave’s navigation box.
    (I don’t know why this version doesn’t show up if I simply enter “1Password” in the Store’s Search field. Found the link in the discussion at
  • Install the extension
  • I’m not sure but you may have to Quit and restart Brave to get the extension loaded.
  • Left-click the shaded blob “Extensions” icon second from the right end of Brave’s menu bar.
  • Left-click the “Pin” icon for 1Password. (I don’t think you have to do this for the extension to autofill once you’re on a page but you do if you want to select a site in the extension and have it open the site and autofill all in one step.)

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