Closing one window or tab dragged to new window closes WHOLE session/browser! (not every time)


I usually open links in a new tab but occasionally I will CTRL+N for a new window or even drag a tab into its own new window while leaving the rest of my browsing session tabbed together. Every so often when I close the new window (whether it is dragged out of a tab or created new) it closes every single browser window I have open!

For example say I have a browser open with 3 tabs. I decide I want one of the tabs to be a new window so I drag the URL out to make a new window from the tab. Eventually when I go to close that one window it closes the whole browser and other tabs from the other window and I lose my whole browsing session. It happens with CTRL+N windows too. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t use the browser because it keeps interrupting my session and I lose all of my tabs/content. I’m on Win 10 64bit, Brave v0.20.29. It doesn’t happen every time, but many times a day. Thank you.

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