Closing current tab switches to 2nd tab over?



problem is as stated in the title. For example, in the image below if I close the current tab, “1 at DuckDuckGo”, then the next tab that is shown on screen is two tabs over, “3 at DuckDuckGo” instead of “2”.
Is there a setting I can change so it goes to the ‘next’ tab after closing the current tab?


Hi @manofsteelfan12,

You can set the close tab behavior in Preferences > Tab > When closing an active tab.



Hi and thanks for the reply eljuno.

Changing the closing an active tab option to “select the last viewed tab” managed to get what I want, which is to move to the next tab over. Which is weird because I expected “select the last viewed tab” to go to the previously viewed tab, but instead that option moves it to the next tab over. Anyway my problem is solved now, thanks for your help!

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