Closing browser closes all tabs

Hey everyone,

I’ve encountered a small frustrating thing. Can you help me understand what am I doing wrong or if this is a bug? When I close the browser, all the tabs are closed (but just for 1 profile).

Here are the details

  • using windows 11
  • using 2 profiles (1 personal, 1 work)
  • both profiles have active syncs (without syncing open tabs)
  • both profiles have setting to open where I left off
  • when closing the work profile browser, every tab gets close (super frustrating, when I close it on accident)
  • when closing the personal profile browser, everything starts from where I left it

I honestly don’t know what could be causing this - has anyone experienced a similar problem? Thank you for any advice!

Next time when you open Just press Ctrl + Shift + T .

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