Closing Brave and opening or closing tabs


sometimes when i browse on Brave, after a certain amount of time, i can’t open new tabs or close open tabs, and can’t close the browser - i must close it through the task manager and restart it to be able to open new tabs and have Brave function again.
Any idea why this keeps happening?
thanks for the help


I am also having this issue.


I have similar issue on Linux.
If I download a file, and open that file or the parent folder from the ‘download panel’ in the button of the browser window, The file / folder is opened correctly but the browser is freezed. Until I close the opened program, the browser resume.


Been having this issue for a long while. it’s very frustrating to have to close browser and restart it all the time.


I have this problem regularly.


I have this problem often.

Multiple tabs almost guarantees that tabs do not open, followed, more often than not, by a total freeze. Consequently I have to close Brave by means of task manager.

windows 7 x64

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