Closing Android Link Bubble invoked from Twitter presents URL tweet


Samsung Galaxy S7, Android 7.0 Security Patch Level April 1, 2017
Brave 1.0.21, Link Bubble 1.9.58

Viewing a Twitter item, tap on URL to invoke Link Bubble
Bubble appears at top left of screen
Tap on bubble to open the link, bubble moves to center of screen with a left-arrow at top-left of bubble
One of two unexpected actions can occur:
1 - If I swipe the bubble to left, I’m immediately presented with a draft tweet Reply [or Retweet Quote, not sure how to tell the difference] containing the original URL as my text.
2 - If I tap S7 Back button, I’m presented with a black tab [?], which has a green Share bar at top. Tapping Back button seems to simply reload this black and green page. If I then left-swipe the top-center bubble, I get same result as action #1, above.

1st screenshot was actually first display of original URL page after tapping the original Link Bubble. Filenames for others should explain the rest.

I’ve searched, but Community page Search did not find anything that matched.

Am I simply doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance…Mike




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