Closing all windows on mac makes brave unusable


When I close all open tabs on Brave but do not quit, Brave becomes completely unusable. I must completely quit Brave then re-launch it to be able to use the browser again.
for example In other browsers if they are running without any open windows, clicking a link will open a page, In Brave you must completely quit brave to be able for it to launch any links.

I have included a video of me clicking links with Brave running with other tabs, then i close all tabs/windows and click a link and show its is not working. I then completely quit Brave then click a link again to show.


I have seen similar behavior. Specifically, on MacOS X 10.13.4 and Brave 0.22.13, if I close all Brave windows and click a hypertext link in another app, Brave will not open a window and load the page. I have to either 1) open a new window in Brave, then click the link in the other app, or 2) quit and restart Brave (which opens a new window on restart).

I won’t use the word ‘unstable’ because Brave does not “quit unexpectedly.”


yes, this is the exact problem… but I did not say unstable.


A thousand apologies. I read ‘unusable’ as ‘unstable’. My error.


Yes, similar problem here in MAC 10.13.4 and Brave 0.22.13. When I click on Brave icon on dock, it does not open. Neither does it open a link though it’s my default browser. When I manually ask Brave to open a new window, the article I linked to is in a tab, but I wouldn’t know it unless I opened Brave manually.


Hello -

I believe this will be solved with this issue:



I can confirm this issue, or is it a different issue? I just encountered it on MacOS 10.13.14 and Brave 0.22.22 version.

There are two big usability problems in Brave, after all open windows have been closed.

  1. Clicking on the Brave icon, if the user has the icon in the Dock (app launcher at bottom center of screen), does almost nothing visually, except switch the focus of the menu bar to Brave (this is subtle, and can be hard to notice at times). It casually looks to the user like Brave has crashed or gotten stuck, because the user was expecting a new window to appear. The expected behavior is to open a new window, as if the Brave program had been cleanly closed and then freshly opened again. Google Chrome already does this, on MacOS.

  2. Clicking on a hyperlink from another program, when Brave is the default browser, does nothing at all visually. Although Brave has received the message, there is no window open, so Brave does nothing with the URL passed to it. To the user, it looks like the hyperlink wasn’t clicked on properly or the program is not responding, so the user typically tries clicking again. Again, nothing happens.

Interestingly, Brave still is alive, and if you switch focus to the Brave menu bar (this can be done by clicking on the Brave icon in the Dock), you can use the File menu, in the menu bar, to give the “New Window” command, and then it will work! A new Brave window appears, and interestingly enough, in it will be all the hyperlinks the user has clicked on in step 2 above, usually multiple copies of them, because the user has clicked several times in frustration.

MacOS is somewhat unique among modern operating systems, in that it allows a process to continue to exist, even after the final window has been closed. Closing the final window does not close the process, as you might think. Since Brave is cross-platform, it might have been coded to assume this, and so it breaks on MacOS in this way.

Is there already a bug in GitHub for this behavior, or is this a different bug?


Don't discard Brave 21.24 for Mac!


Take a look at these two - I originally thought it was the same as the issue I posted but after additional investigation I logged other bugs:



Thanks for opening these issues, to capture these bugs!



Brave is a great browser. I have one question. Can I (You) move the cross for close on tabs from right to the left side? As usual for Mac OS. :wink:


One of the node processes is taking ~30% cpu on OS X. Looks like this is pretty constant from the start. If I actively browse the net, the node process stays at 30% but the CPU consumption for Brave* processes peaks up (as expected).

FWIW, I think I didn’t see the node process eating this much CPU before upgrading from v0.11.2dev.

@weems which ‘verbose log’ are you referring to? I’m running via npm.

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