Closing A Browser Tab With One Click

Description of the issue:
Closing tab with one click

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Try closing any tab with one click; doesn’t work and requires 2 clicks.

Expected result:
I want to close a tab with just one click but don’t see anywhere in the settings where I can change that.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

@RingoMandingo ,
Apologies but I’m not entirely sure I understand the issue you’re describing – are you saying that when you click the ‘x’ on a tab to close it, it requires two clicks instead of one?



@RingoMandingo ,
I think this may be an issue with one of the extensions you have installed – can you try disabling them and see if you get the same behavior? Note that you may have to/want to relaunch the browser after disabling.

Okay, awesome. That worked. Thanks!

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@RingoMandingo ,
You’re welcome. You can now start re-enabling the extensions until you find the one that’s causing the conflict.

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